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Apple sauce wheat germ cake Recipe
Apple sauce wheat germ cake Recipe
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Apple sauce wheat germ cake

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Apple sauce wheat germ cake Recipe
---------- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.04
       Title: Apple Sauce Wheat Germ Cake
  Categories: Diabetic, Cakes, Low-fat/cal
       Yield: 16 bars
    2.00 c  Flour;
    0.67 c  Sugar;
    0.50 c  Wheat germ;
    2.00 ts Baking powder;
    0.50 ts Baking soda;
    1.00 ts Salt;
    1.00 ts Cinnamon;
    0.25 ts Cloves;
    0.25 ts Nutmeg;
    1.00 c  Unsweetened apple sauce;
    0.50 c  Raisins;
    1.00 tb Grated orange rind;
    0.50 c  Unsweetened orange juice;
    1.00    Egg;
    1.00 tb Vegetable oil;
   If wheat germ is not available, use bran or whole
   wheat flour.
   Sift dry ingredients together in a large mixing bowl.
   Stir in apple sauce, raisins and orange rind.  Combine
   orange juice, egg and vegetable oil, add to batter,
   stirring just until moistened. Spoon into lightly
   oiled 8 inch square cake pan.
   Bake 50 minutes at 350F or until cake tests done.  16
   pieces 2"x2"
   1 serving contains 136 Calories 1 starchy foods choice
   1 fruits & veg. choice
   1 tbsp whipped cream contains 45 cal and is equal to 1
   Fats & Oils choice. Source:  Enjoy B.C. Fruit The
   Diabetic Way (BC is British Columbia, Canada)

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Free recipe: Apple sauce wheat germ cake (Recipe source online. Easy and quick cooking food, low fat cook/ cookie, healthy vegetarian diet for breakfast, dinner or supper. No secret recipie)
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