Cake/ice cream desserts from a freezer tray Recipe
Cake/ice cream desserts from a freezer tray Recipe
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Cake/ice cream desserts from a freezer tray

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Cake/ice cream desserts from a freezer tray Recipe
1 1/2    Tablesp. sherry, and another
           -1/2 pt. ice cream. Freeze.
           -Serve sliced,
  The freezer tray of your automatic refrigerator makes wonderful
  cake-and-ice-cream specialties in jig time.
  FROZEN LADYFINGERS: Pack tray two thirds full with vanilla ice cream. Split
  ladyfingers, sprinkle generously with rum- arrange crosswise, with flat
  sides down, on ice cream. Freeze. Before serving, spread generous layer
  whipped cream over ladyfingers. Serve sliced.
  butterSCOTCH-ALMOND ICE-CREAM CAKE: Line bottom of tray with strips of
  bakers' poundcake. Spread with 1 pt. vanilla, coffee, or chocolate ice
  cream. Freeze. Serve sliced, with butterscotch sauce and toasted almonds.
  chocolate charlotte: Slice 8 spongecake layer crosswise into 1/4"-thick
  slices. Use to line bottom and sides of tray. Sprinkle with 2 tablesp.
  sherry; then spread with 1/2 pt. chocolate ice cream. Top with rest of
  cake, with whipped cream. Makes 6 servings.
  FREEZER-TRAY TRIFLE: In tray, alternate layers of spongecake strips with
  layers of vanilla, coffee, chocolate, butter-pecan, or strawberry ice
  cream, ending with cake. Sprinkle with 1/4 cup rum. Freeze. Serve sliced
  with crushed berries and bottled eggnog sauce or custard sauce flavored
  with rum.

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