Doro wat (ethiopian stew) Recipe
Doro wat (ethiopian stew) Recipe
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Doro wat (ethiopian stew)

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Doro wat (ethiopian stew) Recipe
2    To 3 lbs chicken
      9 oz Tomato paste
      3    Sticks butter
     10    Hard boiled eggs slightly
      3 lb Onion fine chopped
      2 lg Cloves garlic minced (or 2
           -tsp. powder)
      1 ts Ground black pepper
      3    Heaping tb berbere
  Snagged this from over on the Rime Cuisine echo.  I'm in the process
  of making it even as I type and it's *real* good so far.  A sweet,
  rich, hot stew.  The sweetness comes from the huge amount of onions
  used.  The richness from the butter (it definitely ain't health
  food!).  The heat from the "berbere"++a seasoning mix of spices based
  on cayenne peppers. Made in the proportions below it's most
  definitely hot, but nothing someone who can handle jalapenos can't
  handle.  The heat and spiciness could be handled by reducing the
  amount of berbere or even better making the berbere with a lesser
  amount of cayenne so you retain the other spices. The effect is kinda
  off in the general direction of a Mexican Mole. You mop it up with
  Injera, a flat bread++I'm using pita bread and flour tortillas
  instead. Not sure how acceptable that is, but I didn't feel like
  making Injera. Will post a recipe for Injera tomorrow.
  If you haven't tasted Ethiopian food, you'll be surprised at the
  unique flavor of Doro Wat.  Even if you have a chance to sample it at
  one of the growing numbers of Ethiopian restaurants in large cities.
  It's a dish worth trying at home.  To eat it the Ethiopian way, pass
  around a tray of injera (flat bread), and place a large platter of
  wat in the center of the table so everyone can reach it.  Tear off
  pieces of injera with your right hand.  Fold the bread around bits of
  stew and eat, without touching you fingers to either the stew or your
  mouth (a trick that requires practice!).
  Remove skin from the chicken and score each piece slightly with a
  knife so the sauce can penetrate.
  In a large stew pot, melt the butter, then saute the onions and
  garlic for five minutes.  Add berbere, followed by tomato paste,
  stirring occasionally while the mixture simmers about 15 minutes.  A
  piece at a time, stir in the chicken, coating well with the sauce.
  Continue to simmer, adding enough water to maintain the consistency
  of a thick soup.  When chicken is half done, after about 20 minutes,
  put in the hard boiled eggs.  Cover and continue cooking until the
  chicken is tender.
  The dish is ready when the oil has risen to the top.  Add black
  pepper and let sit until slightly cooled.
  Serve with injera.
  Makes 8 to 10 servings.
  From "The Africa News Cookbook-African Cooking for the Western
  Kitchen". Lots of good soups, stews and the like are in it.
  Posted by Stephen Ceideberg; June 11 1991.

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