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Wild rice crepes Recipe
Wild rice crepes Recipe
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Wild rice crepes

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Wild rice crepes Recipe
                              WILD RICE CREPES
 Recipe By     : 
 Serving Size  : 4    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Vegetarian                       Rice
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    2       tb           Egg replacer (or arrowroot)
    1 1/2   c            Water
    1       c            Soy milk
    1       t            Salt
    4       tb           Oil
    2       c            Flour
      1/2                Garbanzo flour
      3/4   c            Wild rice, uncooked
    2 3/4   c            Stock
      1/4   md           Onion -- minced
    2       sm           Stalks celery -- sliced thin
    2       tb           Unrefined corn oil
      3/4   md           Onion -- chopped coarse
      1/4   lb           Button mushrooms
                         - sliced thick
    6                    Shiitake
                         - fresh or reconstitued,
                         - quartered or eighthed
      1/2                Oyster mushrooms
                         -OR- chanrerelles mushrooms
                         -If using oysters, separate
                         -them into small clumps,
                         -if using chanterelles,
                         -halve them
    1       lg           Tomato -- chopped
      1/2   ts           Powdered sage
    1       pn           Powdered thyme
    1       tb           Shoyu
                         Salt and pepper -- to taste
                         -----NUTTY ALMOND SAUCE-----
    3       tb           Unrefined corn oil
                         -OR- soy margarine
    4       tb           Unbleached flour
    2 1/2   c            Soy milk -- heated
      1/2   c            Almonds
      1/4   md           Onion -- separated into
    4                    Cloves
                         White pepper -- to taste
    3       ds           Freshly grated nutmeg
                         Salt -- to taste
   FOR CREPES: Blend the egg replacer w/1/2C water until
   smooth.  Add remaining ingredients and blend one
   minute at high speed.
   Heat a crepe pan or non stick 8" skillet over low
   heat, brush the bottom lightly w/oil (I use unrefined
   corn oil).  When pan is heated, take it off the
   burner, let cool about three seconds and pour 3-4T
   batter into it. Swirl the pan so the bottom is coated
   w/a thin layer of batter.  Put the pan back on the
   burner and cook until lightly browned.  Flip the crepe
   and cook until that side is lightly browned as well.
   Repeat w/remaining batter.  This makes about a dozen
   crepes.  Note that you will inevitably screw up the
   first crepe or two, but it will become fairly routine
   after that.  Don't worry about it, I still do that
   after all these years.
   FOR STUFFING: Saute the onion in a little dry white
   wine for a minute or two, then add wild rice and
   stock, cover tightly, bring to a boil, turn heat to
   low and cook about an hour, until all liquid is
   While the rice cooks, saute celery in oil until
   slightly tender, add onions and all mushrooms, and
   saute until all vegs are medium tender. Add cooked
   rice, tomato and seasoning and cook another ten
   minutes or so. Fill crepes w/the mixture, roll them
   over it and heat in a preheated oven at 350 for about
   ten minutes.
   Serve w/Nutty Almond Sauce and garnish w/parsley and a
   twisted orange slice.
   FOR NUTTY ALMOND SAUCE: Toast almonds until golden,
   then pulverize. (Don't overgrind or you'll get almond
   Heat oil a few minutes in a heavy bottomed skillet,
   then stir in flour and cook 2-3 minutes on low, until
   fragrant.  Stir in soy milk and continue to stir until
   it begins to thicken, then stir in seasonings. Cover
   and cook 10 more minutes, but stir often to prevent
   scorching. Stir in almonds and cook another 4-5
   Serve w/a simple spinach salad w/mustard vinaigrette
   and French bread, along w/a chilled white wine.
   From _The_Now_and_Zen_Epicure_ by Miyoko Nishimoto,
   Summerville, TN, The Book Publishing Co, 1991.
   From: (Bill Maddex)
                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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