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Copycat Recipes

1. A1-sauce
2. Almost la victoria's green taco sauce.
3. Almost marie callendar's potato cheese soup
4. Almost snickers
5. Arby's horsey sauce
6. Baboli pizza crust
7. Bake and baste chicken (boston chicken)
8. Baked beans like boston chicken
9. Baked potato soup(hard rock cafe)
10. Baste and bake chicken(inspired by boston chicken)
11. Bbq sauce like kenny rogers
12. Ben& jerry's fresh georgia peach ice cream
13. Benihana ginger salad dressing#2
14. Benihana ginger salad dressing1
15. Benihana ginger sauce
16. Benihana hibachi steak
17. Benihana magic mustard sauce
18. Benihana mustard sauce
19. Benihana salad dressing
20. Bennigan's hot bacon dressing
21. Bennigan's onion soup
22. Big boy's blue cheese dressing
23. Big boy's chicken gravy
24. Big bucket in the sky chicken
25. Big mack sauce
26. Big match special sauce
27. Big mouth sandwich
28. Big-mac sauce
29. Bob"oven's " colonial dressing
30. Boboli pizza crust***nhrfi9c
31. Boston chicken baked beans
32. Boston chicken cranberry sauce
33. Boston chicken creamed spinach
34. Boston chicken cucumber salad
35. Boston chicken macaroni & cheese - gloria pitzer
36. Boston chicken marinade/basting sauce
37. Boston chicken saucer sized chocolate chip co
38. Boston chicken spicy rice
39. Boston chicken squash
40. Boston chicken stuffing
41. Boston chicken's macaroni and cheese
42. Boston market creamed spinach
43. Chi chi's mild salsa
44. Chi-chi's chicken fajitas
45. Chocolate coconut crunch cookies
46. Church's fried chicken
47. Clam chowder(red lobster)
48. Copycat honey baked ham
49. Denny's cheese soup
50. Durkee's famous sauce (copycat)
51. Easy cheesecake(red lobster)
52. El pollo loco chicken
53. El pollo loco mexican beans
54. El pollo loco's beans
55. El pollo loco(pollo asada)
56. El torito chicken and lime soup
57. El torito sweet corn cake
58. El torito's sweet corn cake
59. Entenmann's apple crumb cake
60. Entenmann's fat-free chocolate cupcakes
61. Entenmann's fat-free oatmeal raisin cookies
62. Entenmann's pound cake
63. Famous amos chocolate chip cookies
64. Famous amos chocolate chip cookies#2
65. Famous amos raisin-filled choc chip cookies
66. Gloreo cookies
67. Gloreos
68. Glorio cookies (oreo cookies) - gloria pitzer
69. Good reasons italian dressing
70. Good reasons italian dressing mix
71. Hard rock cafe baked potato soup
72. Hardee's biscuits
73. Hardee's cinnamon "flake" biscuits
74. Hashbrowns like the waffle house
75. Hidden valley ranch dressing mix/dressing
76. Homemade orange julius
77. Homemade oreo cookies
78. Honey-baked ham
79. Hopeless twinkles
80. Hopeless twinkles(hostess twinkies)
81. Howard johnson spicy mustard
82. Howard johnson's boston brown bread
83. Long john silver's batter
84. Luby's macaroni and cheese
85. Marie calendar's cornbread
86. Marie callendar's cake like corn bread
87. Marie callendar's honey butter
88. Mcdonald's big mac sauce
89. Mrs fields chocolate raisin cookies
90. Mrs fields krispies
91. Mrs fields nutty white chunk cookies
92. Mrs fields pecan supremes
93. Mrs fields' applesauce oaties
94. Mrs fields' black and whites
95. Mrs fields' chocolate chip raisin cookies
96. Mrs fields' chocolate mint cookies
97. Mrs fields' lemon chocolate chip buttons
98. Mrs fields' marbles
99. Mrs fields' orange chocolate chunk cookies
100. Mrs. f malted milk cookies

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